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Hey everyone,

I figured it was time for me to (finally) start up my new blog. I had one for my exchange, one for my mission, and now this one is for my normal life- if you can call mine or anyone's life normal!

My name is Holly and I was born and raised in New Zealand...but I left in 2012 to spend a year in Wyoming as a high school student and then served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in British Columbia, Canada. Eight months later, a shadow of an accent still remains and on a daily basis I talk about the experiences I've had.

I just started at the University of Auckland. It's great. Haha, ok, I definitely feel super lost sometimes in class but I guess that's what you have to expect when you've been out of the New Zealand education system for so long. Right now it's down that I am doing a BA/BCom in Writing Studies and Marketing but I am really excited because next year they're opening a communications major too- definitely going to pick that one up! 

I am actually writing this on a plane now- I visited home for a few days because it's uni break but basically this will be the only break part of it..broke student= work work work work work. Thummim is sitting beside me on Snapchat, which is pretty typical of someone who once called himself a "snap journalist" haha. You could say we've been dating for just over 4 months but it's more like we've been inseparable than just dating. He is just..the best, honestly and truly the best. He pushed me to start this blog too and is kind of some of the inspiration for what I'll be writing about.

Thummim is Korean. Well, kiwi Korean. His parents moved over here after they got married so although he grew up in the NZ culture, in his home it's still very much Korean. And now I'm in the middle of this culture with knowledge that previously I unashamedly will admit was limited to Gangnam style and kimchi. But I love it! There are challenges but everyday I love being able to learn something new about the culture or add to my Korean vocab. 

So there we have it. On here you'll find insights to life as a student in New Zealand in an inter-racial relationship, as well as thoughts on my beliefs and probably a lot of food posts. Just warning you.. 



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